Set of Photos

For one of my TV electives, I was assigned to find a set of pictures.  I figured I would do it on something I found interesting.  The set of pictures I picked are of different places around Croatia.  Having traveled there when I was in high school, I have a great love and appreciation for a country so different than the usual.

Another Day in Iraq… Last Group Video

This video shoot actually went quite well, we were able to use a real camera and the studio at DuMont. Editing was OK, Anthony speaks without taking a breath so that was the only thing that was difficult. The only issue we had was the audio on the lav didn’t work so the levels had to be turned up a lot. Other than that we all worked together and it went quite smooth.

Group Members: Anthony Bartlett, Laura Spina, Andrew Siwczak


LASO: Latin American Student Organization, President Elect Augusto Suarez tells his story of how he became such a large part of the organization as well as a student at Montclair State University.


This critique is in the form of a reply because Michelle uploaded it and Khusboo is typing the critique. We stuck to our original idea which was to interview a Student Organization President from our campus to tell his story about how he became the President and a student at Montclair State University. The visuals are of him answering the interview questions, images of the awards and accomplishments and pictures of memories made from events within the organization. We had a lot of technical difficulties throughout the production whether it was the camera or the mic or editing. We pulled through with everything and I think the quality and story told is great, if we need to change anything it would be the audio but overall it’s a great documentary style story visually.

Last video pitch

Working title: Healing New Jersey One Toke At A Time

High-concept summary: Montclair is the only place in New Jersey that has a medical marijuana facility, we will detail exactly what they do, how they were chosen and where the business going. Marijuana is a drug that is used to help terminally ill patients but many others could benefit by its use. With several states legalizing pot, we will explore why New Jersey is falling behind.The growing business of Medical Marijuana

Brief description:The growing business of Medical Marijuana

Genre: Documentary

Estimated runtime: Two Minutes

Producer: Anthony Bartlett, Laura Spina, Andrew S.

Writer: Anthony Bartlett, Laura Spina Andrew S.

Talent: Doctors, Growers, and patients

Locations: Montclair, NJ

Rights, permissions, other notes: Still working on the permission and rights, emailed and called but have yet to get a response.